Distro Dojo, a 10-week program led by 500 Startups, brings experts in customer acquisition, 'growth hacking' and distribution to work with ASEAN growth-stage startups to exceed their customer / user growth goals.

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By participating in Distro Dojo, you will receive $50,000 USD worth of funding from Silicon Valley based seed investor 500 Startups, of which $25,000 USD is available for you to spend on marketing to spur growth, and $25,000 USD will be used for the training program fee.

Master how to use paid
customer acquisition channels
such as Facebook, adwords, SEO,
and mobile advertising

Create a framework to exploit growth
hacks in less-obvious platforms, such as
YouTube, LinkedIn, call centers and
media buying

Set up an analytics and metrics
suite to gather real time,
actionable data for your team

Fully utilize the latest customer
acquisition tools and software
related to lead generation,
retargeting, and drip marketing

Avoid costly mistakes, and
develop long-term in-house
competency to turn your startup
into a scalable, customer
acquisition machine


Let us work alongside you and your team to get even more customers and users!

  • First 2 weeks
  • Set up : Our specialist will work with your team 1 on 1 to get you ready for Distro Dojo
    (Done via Skype)
  • Next 4 weeks
  • Intensive face to face competency training alongside other startups and trainers
    (Done in MaGIC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia)
  • Last 4 weeks
  • Dedicated sessions with your team back in your office (Done via Skype)


  • October 2014 (Completed)
  • BATCH 1
  • July 2015 (Completed)
  • BATCH 2
  • 1 March - 30 April 2016
  • BATCH 3
  • 16 May - 22 July 2016 (Ongoing)
  • Open to all startups focusing on any ASEAN country as their core market.

  • Raised funding of at least USD150,000 to date.

  • Already have a customer / user base.

  • Can accept a cash investment from 500 Startups USD$50,000 at the valuation of your previous round, of which $25,000 USD is available for you to spend on marketing to spur growth, and $25,000 USD will be used for the training program fee.
  • Has full time, dedicated technology and marketing staff.

  • Budgets to spend a minimum on USD$3,000 or more per month on marketing / customer acquisition.

  • At least a co-founder and a team member in charge of customer acquisition/marketing are able to commit time in MaGIC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia (at least 3 days / week on average) throughout the 4-week ‘live’ portion of the course.

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