Distro Dojo FAQ


  1. Must I be a Malaysian to apply for this program?

    No, this program is open to citizens of all countries operating startups focused on the ASEAN region.

  2. Must my startup be incorporated in Malaysia to be eligible for this program?


  3. How is Distro Dojo different from MaGIC Accelerator Program?

    As opposed to supporting idea / product development stage, Distro Dojo targets specifically at growth-stage startups that have raised at least USD$150,000 to date. Our pilot batch had 4 companies who have raised collectively $7.9 Million USD.

  4. I’m the founder of my startup. Can I join the program by myself?

    No, this program requires at least one founder and another team member who is responsible for customer acquisition/marketing to commit time in MaGIC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia (at least 3 days / week on average) throughout the 4 weeks of ‘live’ program duration.

  5. How much is the time commitment required?

    There is flexibility in scheduling as we understand that you are busy running your business. Nevertheless, all participants are expected to be in MaGIC, Cyberjaya for at least 3 days/ week on average throughout the 4 weeks of ‘live’ program duration. The two weeks before and after would have daily Skype calls.

  6. Who is the specialist or trainer involved in the program?

    This will be announced soon. For the pilot batch in 2014, the specialist was Juan Martitegui, an internet marketing entrepreneur. He has generated 3,000,000 leads and generated over $20,000,000 worth of revenue for his business - without venture capital. He co-founded Mind Valley Hispano, one of the largest online publishers of personal growth products for spanish speakers, with over 1 Million subscribers and 7 figures in annual revenue. There may also be visiting specialists. In our pilot batch we had Neil Patel. The program design and duration is overseen by 500 Startups Managing Partner Khailee Ng.

  7. Must I give up US$50,000 worth of equity if I participate in this program?

    Yes, this is in exchange for 500 Startups' investment of time and resources in your company to help you scale up aggressively during the course, and to incentivize 500 Startups to make sure you grow your business.

  8. How much equity will I have to give 500 Startups in exchange for the $50,000 USD? In other words, at what valuation will 500 Startups invest the $50,000?

    The valuation will be pegged to your most recent round's fundraising.

  9. When does the next intake start?

    Batch #4 starts October 10th and ends December 16th. Distro Dojo on side part will take place in our Cyberjaya headquarters between October 10th and November 4th.

  10. How do I know if I'm a fit for Distro Dojo?

    Our participation criteria is explained in full at the top of this page. In a nutshell, we're looking for growth-focused startups who already have a team, a product-market fit and a goal to maximize profits, market share, conversions and customer retention. It the event we receive more qualified applications than we can accept, we'll make an internal decision based on the startups that will contribute most to the group dynamic of that particular intake. Qualified applications that are not accepted into the upcoming intake will be placed on a waiting list for future intakes.

  11. Can I attend the program remotely?

    We do not accept remote participation. While certain elements of your mentoring can be done online, our workshops and brainstorms must be experienced in the flesh. It’s a hands on experience.

  12. How advanced is the curriculum?

    Distro Dojo is designed for intermediate to advanced startups who understand the basics of entrepreneurship, marketing and customer management. Using your fundamentals as a foundation, we'll equip you with easy-to-follow yet effective frameworks, strategies and game plans that other successful startups have used to trigger explosive growth and revenue.

  13. How much does Distro Dojo cost?

    If you are already a 500 Startups portfolio company the fee is $25,000. Non portfolio companies can receive $50,000 worth of funding from Silicon Valley based seed investor 500 Startups, of which $25,000 is available for you to spend on marketing to spur growth, and $25,000 will be used to cover the program fee.

  14. Is Distro Dojo suitable for early-stage startups seeking initial traction?

    No, a pre-existing product/market fit is essential before joining a Growth Hacking program like Distro Dojo. If you haven't found your product/market fit, we recommend you do so first before applying.

  15. How actionable will the curriculum be?

    Distro Dojo is uncompromisingly focused on actionable training. Our senseis aren't academic lecturers, they're experienced entrepreneurs. So expect to be guided through every step of every framework and process, as together we create customized game plans that your startup simply need to execute on.

  16. How much training of the training focuses on SaaS/B2B versus B2C?

    We receive a nearly even split of B2B and B2C startups, and our curriculum reflects that. Many of Distro Dojo's frameworks and strategies apply to both categories, while some are focused on one or the other. You'll connect with both B2B and B2C senseis throughout the curriculum.

  17. Will I get access to the training material after Distro Dojo is over?

    You'll receive checklists, templates and other required multimedia content throughout your 10-week training experience. We'll also train you to groom your own growth team and expand on the frameworks and strategies you'll begin during the curriculum.

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